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Good things will come into our lives that we have no idea about yet

I often think that hope is one of the most powerful forces on earth.

Something I like to ponder, that gives me hope, is that there are good things that are going to come into our lives that we have no idea about at the moment.

Good things are going to come into our lives that we have no idea about at the moment

At the end of the year I always look back through my year: things I've done, things that have happened, etc. And I think about the year ahead: things I am aware of that are coming up, and what I might like to do or need to do, things it would be good to make happen.

I'm always amazed at the mixture of:

  • things that have happened just because they do (a child moving on to their next stage in their education; festivals that happen every year like Christmas; birthdays etc.)

  • things I've made happen because I wanted or needed to

  • and things that I had no idea would happen

It's that last one that always gets me. The things I hadn't planned for, expected, or knew were even an option. The things that seem to come out of nowhere.

These are not always good things of course. It might be an unexpected loss, break-up, a job ending, health problems, etc.

But it's often good things: a new friendship or relationship, a new opportunity, a fresh inspiration, a new found hobby or something you like.

It may be a big life changing thing, but often it's just little things.

I'm a big believer that the little things count. That often the best things in life are the little things. That the things we would miss the most if they suddenly weren't there, are the little things. And that little things add up and become big things.

Of course, we can't just sit around hoping that good things will fall onto our laps, we need to take responsibility for our lives, our happiness, our mental health, and invest in things, make things happen and be proactive.

But also....good things do fall into our laps. And that is wonderful!

It fuels hope in me.

There's good things that will come into my life/our lives that I/we have no idea about at the moment.

In recent months I've come across threads on social media that I have enjoyed reading through. There was one about unexpected ways people met their partners. Another one about how people ended up getting into the job they've ended up doing. There were some others along similar lines.

They gave me hope as I read them. Hope for my children, hope for my clients and hope for myself.

The reminder that sometimes things will come into our lives that can change the course of our life: a chance meeting, overhearing a conversation, stumbling across something on social media or that you've read, someone introducing you to a person, a new thought, idea, hobby or place. There are so many ways it can happen.

When I do my reflection of the past year, every year I am surprised and amazed at the unexpected, unplanned things that have happened.

Can you think of anything from your past year? I guarantee there will be things.

I guess once they've come into our life, it is up to us if we go with it, put the work in and make the most of it. But what I'm focusing on now is that good things can come out of nowhere.

Let that fill you with hope.

Ruth Gorrie. Counsellor. Coventry.

If you're struggling to hold on to hope at the moment and would like some support, please reach out at or through my website:  

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