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I'm interested. what now?

Drop me an email

I’ll get back to you to arrange a 15 minute free phone assessment.

15 minutes free initial assessment by phone

Before you start counselling, we would have an initial assessment. This would be a chance for me to hear what is bringing you to counselling and a bit about you, and for you to ask any questions and find out what to expect. There is no commitment to us working together until after this session. During the session you can get a feel for if I am the right counsellor for you, if you feel comfortable with me and whether what I am offering is the right thing for you. If you are happy to proceed, at that point we would arrange a set time to continue.


I charge £40.00 per 1 hour session. Payment is by bank transfer 24 hours prior to the session. I can work flexibly for those clients who are carers, who have children or who  have changing work schedules.

Counselling sessions

Should you agree to continue into therapy with me, we’ll book in a session and agree on a counselling contract.

We will regularly evaluate how therapy is going for you; how you’re finding it; what’s going well; if anything needs adjusting; evaluate previously set goals as well as making room for new ones you may identify that you'd like to work on.

At a point that suits you, we will work towards an ending. This could be due to the ending of the contract; having fulfilled your goal; feeling ready to move on; or to be referred to a more appropriate service.

Length of therapy

There is no fixed amount of time that we should work together, and we can work out together the length of our counselling contract. You may come already knowing how many sessions you would like or may choose to see how it goes and leave things more open-ended, which is perfectly fine too. I recommend a minimum of 8 sessions, mainly because it takes a few sessions to get to know each other and to really get into the work, but there's no upper limit.

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